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More on Superheroines and Feminism

I’m back from a pleasant Adaptation Studies conference in Istanbul, and instantly immersed in work as the onslaught of lectures, articles, and conference plans has picked up right away. Today’s little blog update is therefore only to archive/publicize Laura Hudson’s … Continue reading

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Strike a Pose! Superheroes and Gender

The issue of gender may be the most obvious issue plaguing the superhero genre, traditionally representing masculinity through hard-bodied, muscle-bound heroes, and women as secondary characters who may be as plucky and determined as Lois Lane, but who are perpetually … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman: An Appreciation

For long afternoons in the office answering e-mails and grading papers, I like to keep a little folder full of junky TV episodes handy: these chores become so much less arduous with episodes of All in the Family, Mr. Show, … Continue reading

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