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On “The Queen of Versailles” and the contradictions of capital accumulation

This week, I finally watched to the end last year’s popular documentary The Queen of Versailles, which had been sitting on my to-watch shelf for far too long. While I had initially been drawn to it by its fun, snappy trailer, … Continue reading

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Believe it or not, I finally finished my book. So here it is.

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Breaking news… not!

Yesterday evening I kicked off a new series of lectures on contemporary cross-media narratives for the John Adams Institute. Supposedly, the series is a straightforward rehash of stuff I’ve taught before as part of entry-level survey courses on literature, film, … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Greed is Still Good

When Gordon Gekko proclaimed his “Greed is Good” mantra in the 1987 film Wall Street, the character portrayed so memorably by Michael Douglas was supposed to be the villain in a straightforward morality play on the evils of out-of-control capitalism. But … Continue reading

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