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Star Wars fandom and toxic masculinity

Last year, shortly after the first full trailer for The Force Awakens was released, news started circulating that a bunch of crazy white people had somehow taken offense about the decade’s most anticipated blockbuster. The trailer’s revelation that the two new Star … Continue reading

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Transmedia narrative and zombies

While the Capitalist Superheroes book launch has basically overshadowed everything else in recent weeks, life quite obviously does still go on, and so does research. Having undertaken the effort to rebrand myself as “the zombie guy” in an almost certainly pointless attempt … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Greed is Still Good

When Gordon Gekko proclaimed his “Greed is Good” mantra in the 1987 film Wall Street, the character portrayed so memorably by Michael Douglas was supposed to be the villain in a straightforward morality play on the evils of out-of-control capitalism. But … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight: Why So Confusing?

Over at PressPlay, the great Jim Emerson took the time to analyze in detail the famously spectacular -and notoriously bewildering- big action scene in The Dark Knight that shows with great precision what is wrong with Christopher Nolan as an action … Continue reading

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Everything is *still* a remix

Independent filmmaker Kirby Ferguson has been putting out a series of video essays on different aspects of how everything original is actually recycled from something else. In the first episode of “Everything is a Remix,” he focused mostly on rock … Continue reading

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Run, Tom! Run!

Is Eyes Wide Shut the only Tom Cruise film in which he doesn’t do any running? It seems like in most other movies of his, the poor guy is forever being chased down the street, running from explosions, or else … Continue reading

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Monty Python and the Holy Fight Club

This expertly done little bit of silliness is just impossible to resist on a Friday afternoon: Brad Pitt makes a fantastic Roger the Shrubber! (via BoingBoing)

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