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Trump Media: A Film Studies Syllabus (I)

Struggling as I’ve been in these first few days after Trump’s election to do something –anything!– constructive, I started seeking out films that I felt might offer some insight, inspiration, or critical reflection of a world that has suddenly gone from … Continue reading

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Forgotten Masterpieces #4: The Candidate (1972)

 With the GOP primaries at this point closely resembling some implausible spoof of the most ridiculous preconceptions about American politics, satirists are challenged more than ever to find new ways of topping an increasingly ridiculous reality. Stephen Colbert’s straight-faced skewering … Continue reading

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Zombies vs. Vampires

Now that the horror genre has been entirely mainstream for several years now, the zombie trope is slowly being eclipsed by the vampires of True Blood, Twilight, etc. An essential starting point for understanding the zombie genre is this piece … Continue reading

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