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2011: the year in surprises

It’s the time of year when critics, bloggers, and pretty much everyone else with a computing device and an opinion feels obliged to put together a list of the top films/albums/TV shows of the year, alongside Oscar predictions and other … Continue reading

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Forgotten Masterpieces #3: Black Christmas (1974)

“I’m not so big on Christmas,” is what I usually tell people around this time of year. But perhaps it would be more accurate to communicate that I have a distaste for the obscene kitsch that accompanies the year’s biggest … Continue reading

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Stop! Banner Time…

If I spent as much time writing new articles for this blog as I do picking out, cropping, and uploading new images for its banner heading, there would probably be at least three times as much material up here by … Continue reading

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What Do You Think, Max von Sydow?

The holiday season is traditionally that time of year when Hollywood rolls out its most unabashedly sentimental doses of awards-season corn pone, and this year is clearly no exception. Leading the pack is Stephen Daldry’s forthcoming adaptation of Jonathan Safran … Continue reading

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Alan Moore vs. Frank Miller

Comic book authors Alan Moore and Frank Miller are mentioned so often in a single breath, one may be tempted to forget how far away they are from each other aesthetically, politically, and intellectually. Both are frequently credited jointly for … Continue reading

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TV appearance: the Dutch race issue

Another week, another media appearance by Dr. Dan: in yesterday’s broadcast of Dutch TV program ZOZ, hosted by Anil Ramdas, I was invited to chime in on the topic of racial insensitivity in the Netherlands. Having been more vocal than … Continue reading

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