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Summer recess roundup

Having recently struggled and -to some extent- succeeded in reviving my ever-floundering blog, even attracting far more traffic than ever before after writing a post with “nudity” and “Game of Thrones” in its title, it’s now time for a brief … Continue reading

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Tintin in the Uncanny Valley

Given the high level of pre-release publicity that has been carefully paced for over a year now, this December’s big 3D release is not only the first half of a Spielberg double whammy, premiering almost at once the first two … Continue reading

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Awesome first trailer: Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

I’ve always thought the much-maligned third installment in Tom Cruise’s ongoing Mission: Impossible was actually the best one yet. Sure, it suffered from some of the same foibles that would plague JJ Abrams’ subsequent (and far more successful) films as … Continue reading

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Forgotten Masterpieces #1: The Train (1964)

In the first entry in what will hopefully be a long-running series here at Dr. Dan’s Medicine, a closer look at films (and perhaps the occasional TV series) that in my opinion deserve a wider audience than they tend to … Continue reading

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Boardwalk Empire: Season 2 teaser

After the first season of the Martin Scorsese co-produced mob epic Boardwalk Empire somewhat miraculously succeeded in meeting those unusually high expectations, today’s release of the first teaser for its upcoming second season raises the bar once more for what … Continue reading

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Ryan Reynolds: professional superhero

While Green Lantern fans hold their breath in anticipation of Ryan Reynolds’ much-hyped turn in next year’s major superhero blockbuster, the double-R heart-throb has meanwhile appeared as another goofy superhero character: Kieran and Michele Mulroney’s Paper Man has been making … Continue reading

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