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Best of the 2000s

I guess it took me long enough, but now that New Year’s is nearly upon us and I’ve gone through a number of Top 50 lists for previous decades, I couldn’t hold off any longer and yielded to pressure to … Continue reading

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AVATAR: white heroes and noble savages

With all that’s already been said by others on Avatar, it seems a bit redundant to chime in on the phenomenon at this point. So let me respond to the ongoing phenomenon by linking to some of the most interesting … Continue reading

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Best of the 1960s

While continuing to postpone the inevitable, I find myself moving ever further backward in time with today’s new post. I feel I am actually getting closer to a final Best of the 2000s list, as several important questions are resolved … Continue reading

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Tarantino and Food

Revisiting a whole bunch of Tarantino films in the last few weeks in tandem with the home video release of Inglourious Basterds, I was struck once again by the crucial role food has played in his movies throughout his career. … Continue reading

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Best of the 1970s

Now that those list-making juices are flowing, why not move ahead (or rather: backward) and release my rankings for another movie decade. I guess we can describe this as a perverse form of procrastination, as the endless but somehow more … Continue reading

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Lists, lists, lists…

While continuing to resist the ubiquitous urge to compile my own Best Films of the ’00s List, I find myself somehow both drawn to and repelled by other people’s lists as they are published all over the place, with more … Continue reading

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More Dark Knight parody: "Key of Awesome"

Somebody up there clearly wants me to keep updating my blog: now that I recently indicated that my update-finger starts a-twitchin’ as soon as I come across a fresh Dark Knight analysis and/or parody, they seem to be popping up … Continue reading

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