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Trump Media: A Film Studies Syllabus (III)

In the previous two sections of this provisional Trump-era film studies syllabus, I have grouped together films that examine two key thematic aspects of Donald Trump as a political phenomenon: first, how populism has been expressed and critiqued through Hollywood film; and … Continue reading

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Superhero Poster Designs

Last summer was one of the biggest for superhero movies so far, but 2012 is primed to be dominated by the genre even more. Big, bad Batman trilogy-closer The Dark Knight Rises is of course the film that is anticipated most … Continue reading

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The Avengers: Strike a Pose!

In the ongoing saga of offensive representations of women in superhero comics, we can now also add the pre-publicity of Marvel’s upcoming would-be box office behemoth The Avengers. Take a good look at this early piece of art designed to … Continue reading

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