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‘Must-Watch’ TV and immaterial labor

Sure, we’ve all bought into the ‘New Golden Age of TV’ rhetoric that has come to surround the past 15 years of prestige drama, esp. on premium cable channels like HBO. Yet television, which in my experience at least was mostly associated … Continue reading

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The Greatest Superman Story Ever Told

A few years back, I included in one of my short blog articles a reference to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Zach Weiner’s absolutely magnificent take on the contradictions inherent in superhero mythologies. I still consider that short satirical comic the best … Continue reading

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This calls for… bagpipes!

Having rather immodestly started at the top of my list of favorite academics with my requests for blurb endorsements for my forthcoming book, I’ve now received confirmation from Carl Freedman, Timothy Corrigan, and Slavoj Žižek. With endorsements from these three, all … Continue reading

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What Do You Think, Max von Sydow?

The holiday season is traditionally that time of year when Hollywood rolls out its most unabashedly sentimental doses of awards-season corn pone, and this year is clearly no exception. Leading the pack is Stephen Daldry’s forthcoming adaptation of Jonathan Safran … Continue reading

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Alternate Universe Movie Posters

I came across this truly mind-boggling collection of alternate-universe movie posters Via BoingBoing.net, many of which feature unlikely but bizarrely compelling imaginary cinematic incarnations of familiar superhero characters. My favorite? Mario Bava’s The Batman of Gotham City, with Christopher Walken as … Continue reading

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Unintentionally Funny Comics

After a long, hard day of preparing lectures for tomorrow, a page full of unintentionally funny comics is just what the doctor ordered…

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“Who Am I? I’m Spider-Man… No, wait! I’m Batman!”

The accompanying texts on cheap knock-off toys in superhero merchandising lines are often as hilarious as the liner notes on foreign bootleg DVDs. But this one (via BoingBoing) seems particularly bone-headed.

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