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Iron Man vs. Green Lantern

Today: an excellent article from over at on why Iron Man succeeded where Green Lantern failed. In a nutshell, the author argues that the main reason for the mainstream success of Iron Man was the fact that it wasn’t afraid to … Continue reading

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The Sad Summer of 2011

Over at The House Next Door, critic Tom Stempel helpfully posted this list of disclaimer notices that have proved to be -sadly- fictional throughout the summer of 2011. (The only one he notably missed was some rule related to the … Continue reading

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“Who Am I? I’m Spider-Man… No, wait! I’m Batman!”

The accompanying texts on cheap knock-off toys in superhero merchandising lines are often as hilarious as the liner notes on foreign bootleg DVDs. But this one (via BoingBoing) seems particularly bone-headed.

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Forgotten Masterpieces #2: Popeye (1980)

In this day and age of ubiquitous big-budget comic book movies, we are used to seeing iconic comic book and cartoon characters with global recognizability and appeal featured in big-budget Hollywood adaptations. Many articles and studies (including my own book!) … Continue reading

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Rise of the Return of the Battle of the Planet of the Apes

Sure, it’s easy enough to make fun of this franchise’s latest prequel/reboot and its unwieldy title: originally discussed as the more elegant (and more sensible) Rise of the Apes, one assumes that 20th Century Fox at some point insisted that the … Continue reading

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Strike a Pose! Superheroes and Gender

The issue of gender may be the most obvious issue plaguing the superhero genre, traditionally representing masculinity through hard-bodied, muscle-bound heroes, and women as secondary characters who may be as plucky and determined as Lois Lane, but who are perpetually … Continue reading

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Captain America: The Ultimate Nostalgia Film

There are plenty of nice things to say about the most recent superhero blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger. For starters, it’s the first of its kind breathe even a bit of fresh air into the genre since Iron Man in … Continue reading

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