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Trump Media: A Film Studies Syllabus (IV)

Throughout the Trump campaign, I’ve had endless arguments with other white people over the degree of racism in Trump’s campaign. It seemed completely obvious to me that the phrase “Make America Great Again!” was primarily a direct appeal to white supremacy. But I have encountered responses … Continue reading

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Tintin in the Congo: ‘not racist’

I’ve written before on the disreputable aspects of Tintin as the embodiment of European colonialist ideology and the books’ attitude towards all non-Western cultures, which has always been patronizing at best. Spielberg’s recent film adaptation, which was very popular across … Continue reading

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TV appearance: the Dutch race issue

Another week, another media appearance by Dr. Dan: in yesterday’s broadcast of Dutch TV program ZOZ, hosted by Anil Ramdas, I was invited to chime in on the topic of racial insensitivity in the Netherlands. Having been more vocal than … Continue reading

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AVATAR: white heroes and noble savages

With all that’s already been said by others on Avatar, it seems a bit redundant to chime in on the phenomenon at this point. So let me respond to the ongoing phenomenon by linking to some of the most interesting … Continue reading

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