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Green Lantern – fan trailer

The already famous fan-made trailer shows just how little it takes to connect the dots and imagine a full-length generic blockbuster simply by creatively repurposing spectacular moments from existing features…

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Classic Colbert: Superhero Stamps

“But the real injustice: out of ten stamps, no Captain America. Ridiculous. He’s a real hero. Every lick of his sticky backside would taste like democracy. Plus: your tongue would be greeted as a liberator.” The Colbert Report Mon – … Continue reading

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Wolverine, Schmolverine

Loath as I am to lavish any kind of attention on the atrocious X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I somehow feel obliged to comment on this most recent entry in the ongoing line of superhero blockbuster embarrassments. One would think somehow that … Continue reading

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