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Transmedia narrative and zombies

While the Capitalist Superheroes book launch has basically overshadowed everything else in recent weeks, life quite obviously does still go on, and so does research. Having undertaken the effort to rebrand myself as “the zombie guy” in an almost certainly pointless attempt … Continue reading

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One-dimensional Tintin

Having more or less forced myself to go to the movie theater this morning to take in what should have been the blockbuster event of the year, I now feel compelled to reflect a little on the experience. For a … Continue reading

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The Dude goes to Istanbul

I’m off to Constantinople for the next few days to give a paper on the two film adaptations of Charles Portis’s novel True Grit, the first of which somehow made the novel seem less literary, while the more recent Coen … Continue reading

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Iron Man vs. Green Lantern

Today: an excellent article from over at io9.com on why Iron Man succeeded where Green Lantern failed. In a nutshell, the author argues that the main reason for the mainstream success of Iron Man was the fact that it wasn’t afraid to … Continue reading

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Forgotten Masterpieces #2: Popeye (1980)

In this day and age of ubiquitous big-budget comic book movies, we are used to seeing iconic comic book and cartoon characters with global recognizability and appeal featured in big-budget Hollywood adaptations. Many articles and studies (including my own book!) … Continue reading

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Tintin in the Uncanny Valley

Given the high level of pre-release publicity that has been carefully paced for over a year now, this December’s big 3D release is not only the first half of a Spielberg double whammy, premiering almost at once the first two … Continue reading

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Having your cake, eating it, and KICKing its ASS

The more time I spend on the subject of superheroes, the more boring my research becomes. As a 21st-century movie trope, nearly every new release seems dedicated to repeating the same old fantasies over and over again without adding anything … Continue reading

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Watchmen Extras

Since receiving the movie version of Watchmen on Blu-ray, I’ve been going through the extras slowly but surely. The moderately hyped, ridiculously titled ‘Maximum Movie Mode’ is pretty nifty, even if it fails to say anything interesting about the movie … Continue reading

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Watchmen – A lucky break

Having been lucky enough to know a good friend who was able to sneak me into an early press screening of the long-awaited, much-hyped, and already close-to-tiresome Watchmen adaptation, I’m somewhat relieved to relate here that the title of today’s … Continue reading

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