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Frank Miller vs. Al Qaeda

My earlier announcement of an eagerly anticipated summer recess notwithstanding, today’s release of a YouTube trailer for Frank Miller’s graphic novel Holy Terror prompts me to scribble just one more update before shutting down the laptop. This preview (embedded after the … Continue reading

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Summer recess roundup

Having recently struggled and -to some extent- succeeded in reviving my ever-floundering blog, even attracting far more traffic than ever before after writing a post with “nudity” and “Game of Thrones” in its title, it’s now time for a brief … Continue reading

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Superman in the real world

Saturday Morning Breakfast shows us what Superman Returns merely hinted at: that the twentieth century had problems other than crime-fighting for which his powers would come in quite handy. In this hilarious online comic strip (excerpted below), Zach Weiner establishes the … Continue reading

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Tintin in the Uncanny Valley

Given the high level of pre-release publicity that has been carefully paced for over a year now, this December’s big 3D release is not only the first half of a Spielberg double whammy, premiering almost at once the first two … Continue reading

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Everything is *still* a remix

Independent filmmaker Kirby Ferguson has been putting out a series of video essays on different aspects of how everything original is actually recycled from something else. In the first episode of “Everything is a Remix,” he focused mostly on rock … Continue reading

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Naked Fantasy: “Game of Thrones” and Prudish American Critics

As a follow-up to my previous post recommending the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Salon’s TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz commented yesterday on the wave of negative commentary that has been elicited by the presence of allegedly gratuitous … Continue reading

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Current TV: Recommended First Seasons

Now that Deadline Hell is finally and incredibly -if temporarily- a thing of the past, I’m finding some time catch up with backlogged TV series that have been accumulating on my hard disk. Obviously, the real stunner as far as … Continue reading

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