NOTE: I strive to make all my written work available to everyone with a desire to read it. If you are a publisher or rights holder to whom this form of access constitutes an inappropriate breach of copyright, please contact me and I will happily comply.


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Non-academic articles (English)

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Non-academic articles (Dutch)

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Recorded Lectures

Iedereen Beroemd [in Dutch]. February 10, 2016. Studium Generale, Utrecht.

Maagdenhuis Occupation: On Hobbits and Politics. February 27, 2015. Amsterdam.

Zombie Education: The Cultural Logic of Neoliberalism (audio only). February 17, 2015. Amsterdam.

Introduction to Media Studies in Five Short Lectures [in Dutch]. October 13-17, 2014. Universiteit van Nederland, Amsterdam.

Capitalist Superheroes Book Launch. February 13, 2013. Amsterdam.