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Trump Media: A Film Studies Syllabus (V)

Over the past week, I’ve assembled a long list of films that I thought might be appropriate choices for reflecting on Trump’s presidential campaign, and what I still can’t see as anything but the dystopian nightmare of an actual Trump administration. The themes … Continue reading

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Transmedia narrative and zombies

While the Capitalist Superheroes book launch has basically overshadowed everything else in recent weeks, life quite obviously does still go on, and so does research. Having undertaken the effort to rebrand myself as “the zombie guy” in an almost certainly pointless attempt … Continue reading

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Contagion in the 21st Century

Contagion is the dominant horror of the 21st century, an era marked by epidemics of terror, war, and economic crisis. Just as atomic anxiety infused Cold War-era pop culture, fear of contagion dominates recent pop culture in the form of … Continue reading

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San Antonio’s Walking Dead

With the flurry of excitement and press coverage that accompanied my recent PhD defense now finally a thing of the past, the repeated promise of more frequent blog updates is now frustrated by the upcoming conference papers I have committed … Continue reading

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Zombies vs. Vampires

Now that the horror genre has been entirely mainstream for several years now, the zombie trope is slowly being eclipsed by the vampires of True Blood, Twilight, etc. An essential starting point for understanding the zombie genre is this piece … Continue reading

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