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Superhero movies: if you’ve seen one…

How long has it been since my last blog post that had anything to do with superhero movies (supposedly my object of research)? A long time. And why is this? Because obviously all superhero movies are exactly the same. See … Continue reading

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You’re The Voice

A fabulous peek-a-boo moment last week on NBC’s Community, a new comedy that is continuing to pick up steam as it moves through its first season. In the Halloween episode, Abed comes dressed as Batman, entering an early scene with … Continue reading

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Red Dawn and America’s obsession with Insurgents

Watching Red Dawn, that astonishingly up-front Reagan-era bit of violent Cold War paranoia fused with teenage NRA wish-fulfillment, I was struck once again by how strongly the narratives of American pop culture emphasize underdog insurgency fantasies in which the heroes … Continue reading

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Green Lantern – fan trailer

The already famous fan-made trailer shows just how little it takes to connect the dots and imagine a full-length generic blockbuster simply by creatively repurposing spectacular moments from existing features…

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