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The Greatest Superman Story Ever Told

A few years back, I included in one of my short blog articles a reference to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Zach Weiner’s absolutely magnificent take on the contradictions inherent in superhero mythologies. I still consider that short satirical comic the best … Continue reading

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Janelle Monáe’s transmedia Wondaland

In trying to come up with some case studies for my book about the politics of world-building that are neither too obvious nor depressingly conservative, it occurred to me that my recent obsession with Janelle Monáe‘s ongoing series of concept … Continue reading

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“Game of Thrones” roundup

As the fourth season of HBO’s insanely popular fantasy series approaches, the number of articles devoted to the franchise is unsurprisingly in the process of exploding. A few highlights: Over at Film Freak Central, Jefferson Robbins dissects the blu-ray release … Continue reading

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2013: Professional Film Commentary

In respectful homage outright plagiarism of the highly esteemed Bill Chambers, editor and archbishop of Film Freak Central, I’ve compiled a quick list of the films I saw that were released in the past year. His yay/whatever/barf ratings system suits … Continue reading

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On “The Queen of Versailles” and the contradictions of capital accumulation

This week, I finally watched to the end last year’s popular documentary The Queen of Versailles, which had been sitting on my to-watch shelf for far too long. While I had initially been drawn to it by its fun, snappy trailer, … Continue reading

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Comics legend’s seal of approval

Since I recently discovered that a video recording of my big Kubrick interview existed online, I’ve been googling my own name more frequently. And this morning, I was sort of stunned to find that Pat Mills, creator of legendary British comics … Continue reading

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Faking New York in ‘The Avengers’

I used a few clips from last year’s superhero blockbuster The Avengers to illustrate the lecture I gave at the Capitalist Superheroes book launch last week, mostly because it has become the superhero film most commonly associated with ‘the Obama age,’ as well … Continue reading

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