TV Talk

It was my great pleasure to appear as a guest on the new episode of Dutch podcast Onder Mediadoctoren (‘Amongst Media Doctors’), where the topic was binge-watching. This monthly program brings together Dutch media scholars reflecting on contemporary topics that range from reality TV to the relationship between sports and politics. Host Linda Duits preferred the term ‘marathon-watching,’ but since I have less of a problem with pathologizing fan behavior (including my own), I feel pretty comfortable with the inherent ‘unsavoriness’ of the binge-watcher. Together with TV scholar Vincent Crone and political commentator Chris Aalberts, we had a great discussion on the current state of serialized TV drama, discussing changing patterns of viewership, shifting media hierarchies, and the way digitization has created what I describe as an ‘On-Demand Generation.’ Listen to the discussion if you understand Dutch, or if you simply want to amuse yourself by the hilariousness of hearing me speak such an obviously silly-sounding language.

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