The Greatest Superman Story Ever Told

A few years back, I included in one of my short blog articles a reference to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Zach Weiner’s absolutely magnificent take on the contradictions inherent in superhero mythologies. I still consider that short satirical comic the best Superman story ever told, spanning decades (centuries?) and dealing wittily, even poignantly with the Man of Steel’s implied impact on human history.

Weiner’s most recent approach to the legend is a darker, most cynical affair, hilariously depicting an exchange between a jaded, chain-smoking Superman and some poor kid who just wants to believe. Again, the playful and perfectly staged comic perfectly captures the sentiment that most often interferes with my own enjoyment of such fantasies, culminating in this brilliant line, with far broader implications: “A piece of advice about the world: if a fight goes on a long time without serving its stated purpose, its stated purpose is probably a lie.”


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