“Game of Thrones” roundup

As the fourth season of HBO’s insanely popular fantasy series approaches, the number of articles devoted to the franchise is unsurprisingly in the process of exploding. A few highlights:

  • Over at Film Freak Central, Jefferson Robbins dissects the blu-ray release of the third season with eloquence and wit, managing to provide a fresh and most stimulating perspective without descending into either sarcasm or hyperbole. In other words: his review manages to articulate what is really good about Game of Thrones while also identifying its weaknesses.
  • io9.com features a more typically exuberant piece on why GOT has created an atmosphere in which “All Men (And Women) Must Freak Out.” But the article actually offers a fairly convincing theory on how the franchise’s combination what it calls “the dystopian/apocalyptic craze” and its “nostalgia for awful history” make it just the right drama for our times of “environmental disaster and political corruption, without actually facing up to the world we live in.”
  • Also at io9.com, a short piece references this article on “naive cynicism,” criticizing the show for its worldview in which others can always be counted upon to act badly. This is a point I’m rather tempted to agree with, as my experience of reading all the novels ultimately suffered from the absence of any clear positive goals or values available in this particular world. (And no, I’m not counting Daenerys’s quest to free the slaves.)



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