Transmedia narrative and zombies

While the Capitalist Superheroes book launch has basically overshadowed everything else in recent weeks, life quite obviously does still go on, and so does research. Having undertaken the effort to rebrand myself as “the zombie guy” in an almost certainly pointless attempt to be perceived as anything other than “the superhero guy,” I am attempting to get at least some academic mileage out of all those hours I have spent reading, watching, and playing various incarnations of The Walking Dead. While trying to finish an article on this franchise as a type of transmedia narrative, I’m also preparing a public lecture for French-Dutch research symposium that will take place this Friday in Amsterdam, again struggling to find something (anything!) at all interesting to say about a TV series I dislike primarily for the way it so scrupulously avoids being about anything at all.


While assembling materials for my lecture, I came across this terrific video essay on transmedia aesthetics in comic book movies, using Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, a film I’ve never truly liked but which for some reason I keep returning to, as a case study. It makes very helpful use of many of the key terms in the transmedia/convergence culture debate, using illuminating examples along the way.

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