Superman’s Molars of Steel

While scanning the 1978 Superman movie for a few shots I need to illustrate my chapter on origin stories and patriarchal power, I suddenly noticed that the Man of Steel either didn’t bother to floss, or else he accidentally ordered a kryptonite-slushee at some point. In any case, those cavity fillings are a little awkward.

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2 Responses to Superman’s Molars of Steel

  1. pypaik says:

    But it’s these clumsy moments that make the film endearing, and humanize what is an already dehumanized genre. I much prefer the old Star Wars because of how creaky the special effects look today, whereas the prequels are so much more slick and soulless by comparison.

    • Absolutely! The worst thing they could do is re-release it with digitally reconstructed dental work. One likes to imagine that a decision was made in the editing suite that Reeve’s acting and the character’s effectively communicated anguish outweighed a minor continuity-type flaw like revealing the actor’s fillings. It’s hard to imagine a (quite possibly imaginary) decision like that being made in Hollywood today.

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