The Secret of My Success

One essential part of the solipsistic attraction of running this blog, which is really about nothing besides what catches my momentary fancy at an opportune moment, is the elaborate statistical tracking that WordPress offers. Finding out just how many people get lost enough on the interwebs and suddenly find themselves here can be fun to observe, and keeping an eye on whether any particular entries attract an unusual amount of traffic can also be most enlightening. The article that keeps new people coming to Dr. Dan’s Medicine in modestly-sized droves is without a doubt my piece on nudity in Game of Thrones, though I’m sure none of those people who enter combinations of ‘naked/nudity/sex’ and that show’s title have anything but a scholarly interest. But bizarrely, the keyword that apparently brings the highest number of people to this blog is the word “gay” – most likely because I once wrote an ironic reflection on how Sergio Leone’s films have a strong homoerotic undercurrent. So whatever you guys are looking for, I sincerely hope you’re not too disappointed by what you find here.

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