Breaking news… not!

Yesterday evening I kicked off a new series of lectures on contemporary cross-media narratives for the John Adams Institute. Supposedly, the series is a straightforward rehash of stuff I’ve taught before as part of entry-level survey courses on literature, film, and adaptation studies, and I did a similar thing for non-student participants last year. But now that my other work has grown increasingly politicized, I found that my usual take on the topic of “the rise of the novel” became somewhat more polemical than usual, and I managed to offend at least a few Jane Austen fans in the audience, who balked at my insistence that Pride and Prejudice is a piece of blatant capitalist propaganda.

I later found out that there was a newspaper reporter present as well, and a feature article ended up running in today’s newspaper. Being a total media whore by now, the press attention is of course nice, but I was especially pleased by the fact that the reporter picked up the political angle so strongly. Since this is the first time that I’m making a prominent media appearance outside that’s not about superheroes or 9/11, it’s encouraging to notice that I’m now being positioned in the article as the guy who does political/ideological readings of literature and pop culture rather than just “the superhero/comics guy.” I feel better already…

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