Alternate Universe Movie Posters

I came across this truly mind-boggling collection of alternate-universe movie posters Via, many of which feature unlikely but bizarrely compelling imaginary cinematic incarnations of familiar superhero characters. My favorite? Mario Bava’s The Batman of Gotham City, with Christopher Walken as Batman, and -in what I consider a real stroke of genius in fantasy casting- David Bowie as The Joker. Tagline: “A Madman sets the streets ablaze in an orgy of violence!” The attention to detail and period-specific design fashions is hugely impressive, and the following selection only includes a few favorites from an awe-inspiring assembly. Spending half an hour browsing through the full catalogue is guaranteed to brighten up your day…

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2 Responses to Alternate Universe Movie Posters

  1. Sean Hartter says:

    Awesome write up, thank you.

  2. Critical Bill says:

    Unbelievable Talent. These “posters” are genius!

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