What’s on Michael Bay’s mind

The obvious answer to that question is of course simply “not much,” besides looking up women’s skirts and making stuff blow up real good. But although the guys doing funny internet videos at College Humor are often rather hit-and-miss, their take on the latest installment of Bayhem is not only completely on-target, it’s also nice and short! And for someone who has paid good money to see at least four Michael Bay movies on the big screen, this little video sums up the experience with incredible accuracy, and some degree of wit.

Unfortunately, WordPress somehow won’t allow me to embed videos from CollegeHumor inside a post, so you’ll have to click once more to get there.

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2 Responses to What’s on Michael Bay’s mind

  1. WordPress also hates my Vimeos when I try to embed, even though it’s a superior video service to YouTube … so, there you go.

    • I spent the better part of an hour noodling around pointlessly, stubbornly trying to bypass WordPress’s code replacement to get it working. There does seem to be a WordPress video plugin, but it has to be installed on the server, and it doesn’t seem to be standard-issue with the kind of free blog hosting provided for us cheapskates. Oh well…

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