On superheroes beloved… and those not so much.

Loath as I am to keep posting updates bemoaning the fact that I haven’t been adding new updates to this otherwise lovely new blog, I’m finally finding an occasion to post a few new bits and pieces on that old standby topic: superheroes.

Now accepting the inevitability of forever being branded ‘superhero guy’ as an academic, I ordered a Superman decal for my MacBook just because I thought it looked pretty awesome for that kind of thing, and because it just seemed too on-the-nose for me to pass up. Nervously applying the damned thing (that arrived today from -of all places- New Zealand) took a while, but I got it on more or less, and I must confess that it does add a certain larger-than-life quality to my otherwise generic Apple computer. Also, I do appreciate the irony of this attempt to personalize a branded device by applying a mass-produced image of an similarly branded character to its surface, the resulting blend producing an image that is critical of neither…

The other superhero-related post that I came across was this Onion News Network bulletin that -like pretty much all such parodic news reports- exists somewhere between ‘funny’ and ‘not funny.’ It comments sardonically on last week’s release of The Green Lantern, which has apparently been greeted by worldwide audiences with unsurprising indifference. It’s not an especially strong segment, but it articulates some of my own increased apathy towards the onslaught of mediocre-to-atrocious superhero franchises that somehow continue to bombard us. Now that Guillermo del Toro seems to have decided not to return for a third Hellboy feature and Zack Snyder is poised to drive the final nail into Superman’s coffin, can we please just all agree that it’s time to close the book on superhero movies? Who knows, perhaps someone will read this blog and take appropriate action. I did, after all, write my dissertation on the topic.

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1 Response to On superheroes beloved… and those not so much.

  1. Eric Woning says:

    How ’bout telling Hollywood to just not copy everything that was succesfull anywhere else: Movies, Games, Books, Foreign Movies….. In order to get Mass Appeal (needed to sell the damned thing) they need mass appeal to make massive $.

    I’m sorry to say – the masses have appalling taste / eat mostly whatever the PR machine feeds them.
    With so many superhero / comic rated flicks depending solely on Michael Bay-ism (all flurry, no content) the masses are fed the same old shit day by day (I think X-men is a strong enough franchise to survive… but this whole Captain America thing… nope!)
    So the PR machine turns out the same stuff and people are bored by it by now….. so let’s not give up on the genre, but give up on the Blockbuster format of it…..

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