Comic Book Guy? Not I, says I.

With my weirdly popular graphic novel course going on this semester at the University of Amsterdam, my lecture series on comics and graphic novels happening at the John Adams Institute, and my PhD defense on superhero narratives coming up on March 24, it is perhaps hardly surprising that comics scholarship suddenly seem to be taking over my life. In other words: I am on my way to becoming Amsterdam’s academic comic book guy in spite of all my objections to the contrary.

The increasing amount of media attention all this activity has generated will surely make matters worse. Last week, I was interviewed by Dutch radio and local TV program OBA Live (here’s the link – for those of you who are curious to hear what I sound like speaking Dutch), and later this week, newspaper NRC Handelsblad will publish an interview about my superhero research. And then there’s the two conference papers I’ll give in the next two months on Kirkland’s The Walking Dead, and my recent discovery of the intriguing world of Italy’s Dylan Dog

So before I’m branded in a way that makes it impossible to shake off the Comics Code Authority seal of approval, it’s high time to diversify and engage with some non-comics-related material. First up will be a talk I’ll give at Spui25 on March 23 on the fabulous Ratatouille, followed on April 1 by a short lecture at the local conference More Real than Real, on the weird hyperrealism of contemporary documentaries such as I’m Still Here, Catfish, and Exit Through the Gift Shop. Will it help? Probably not.

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